You Won’t Believe These Celebs Are the Same Age

When it comes to celebrities it can be hard to know their true age. Some age gracefully, others not so much. There are some that have work done and some that age naturally. For these celebs you would never guess they were the same age, and it’s not always because of how they look. But it can also be because of their personality and the roles they play.


1. Michael J. Fox and George Clooney: 54

Both men have been making the rounds in Hollywood for years and they both still look fantastic for their age, and yet Michael J. Fox still has that baby face about him that makes him look so much younger than he really is. It is really astonishing that even with battling his disease he still looks very young and healthy. George Clooney has aged gracefully and is still very handsome but the grey hair does show his age.

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