You Won’t Believe Which OnScreen Kisses the Actors Did Not Want to Do

When it comes to acting, sometimes you just got to take the parts that are thrown your way. Sometimes you get a great role and it just comes with the small caveat of kissing someone that you do not like. For some of these celebs they just really did not feel comfortable kissing their co-stars. In some cases it had to with personality and it others it had to do with outside circumstances.


1. Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy

Angelina is unbelievably sexy and so it might seem a bit strange that James McAvoy was not thrilled about their kiss in Wanted. His problem was not exactly with Angelina. The day they were filming the kissing scene was also the very first day he had ever met Angelina. So it was a bit of an awkward experience. Still, these two managed to pull off a pretty great kiss.

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