You Won’t Believe the Mistakes These Celebs Made in their Careers

It can sometimes be hard to see into the future and know what a good career move is. Some of these celebrity mistakes are understandable – like turning down a movie role and then having that movie become a surprise blockbuster. Some of them are not, like insulting your boss. Take a look at some of the biggest career mistakes that celebrities have made over the years.


1. Hugh Jackman

While he is Wolverine and has a highly successful movie career, there is one role that Hugh Jackman turned down that could have been huge for him. He was originally offered the role of James Bond in Casino Royale. He turned down the role because he was afraid of being typecast in an action role. Guess it’s a good thing he became Wolverine then? He has learned his lesson and has said he’d play Bond if it were offered to him again.

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