These 22 Sexy Celebs Love Yoga for Staying in Shape

If you have never done Yoga it might look like a boring or slow form of exercise, but you might be surprised just how many celebrities and athletes swear by getting their regular yoga fix. There are also plenty of benefits to the practice if it done properly, such as stronger muscles, better flexibility and relaxation. So check out these celebrity yogis and you just might find yourself wanting to try it out too, or hit the nearest yoga class if you already do.


1. David Beckham

Football legend David Beckham says that he will be playing football for England in his 40s due to his devotion to Bikram Yoga. The football star fell in love with the hot yoga practice and says that it has been doing wonders for him. Now he believes that it will heal his body and get his fitness and focus back. Whether or not it gets him back in the game, it is clear that yoga is doing wonders for his physique.

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